Learn About the Hilton Hawaiian Island Resort & Casino

The Hilton Hawaiian Island Resort and the Ilani Resort & Casino are located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The hotel is only about a mile from the airport and has a shuttle bus that takes you to the hotel. You can easily get to the hotels in this way.

ilani resort  casino

The hotel is located right off the main road, so there is plenty of parking available. There is a 24-hour restaurant inside the hotel where you can go to eat. They have a bar and lounge area for you to sit down for a meal if you desire.

Once you check in, you will find yourself in a nice lobby. This lobby is very stylish, and you will feel very comfortable as you walk in. It is also nice in here because it is right by the elevator, so it is convenient for people that need to access the hotel quickly.

You can take the elevator to your room in the hotel. The elevators are staffed with some very nice and friendly hotel staff. Many of the elevators also have extra buttons and pads for you to use to pay your bill or access your luggage.

When you arrive at the Ilani Resort & Casino, you will notice that this is a very nice, spacious hotel. If you enjoy relaxing and taking time to be at the top of your game, this is the hotel for you. If you like spending time in the casino and engaging in the atmosphere, this is the hotel for you.

Each room comes with its own individual televisions, DVD player, personal refrigerator, and microwave. As you go through the main lobby and towards the casino area, you will see the casino area. You will notice that there are many bars, along with tables and a few gaming machines in the area.

You can find out more information about the hotel, and the resort, online. You can find out everything you need to know about the hotel, including rate, pictures, what you can do when you are there, and more. For more information, you can visit their website.